One Witch AND HER Cat

A Magical Team

Eleanor and Mayhem are the heart and soul behind The Magic of Mayhem, bringing you success spells, money rituals, and other magic. Meet us below!

Eleanor -- real life spells
Mayhem, Tarot, a prosperity spell

Meet Eleanor

Hello! My name is Eleanor. I’m an autistic animist, magic worker, diviner, and a lifelong lover of nature, animals, and all things magical. I’ve been divining, working magic, and mentoring others in one form or another for most of my life, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to have helped so many people on their paths.

I come from the Pacific Northwest and currently reside in Northern Illinois. When I’m not working magic, I’m writing code, helping people break into tech, and spending time with my horses.

Meet Mayhem

Mayhem hails from the streets of Chicago and is now settled north of the city with his brother Mischief, their sister Scarlet, and his humans. His hobbies include disrupting assisting divination, sniffing candles, and contributing magical wisdom and general chaos.

He is particularly fond of frankincense, ear scratches, being admired, and doing Whatever He Pleases.


Eleanor has been offering divination and magical services in one form or another for most of her life, and Mayhem has been by her side for over a decade, offering support in the way only a little fluffy black cat can.

Aside from being the namesake of the business, Mayhem reminds us that when we work with subtle energies and magical forces, we can often feel that we are riding the wave of something greater than ourselves and potentially outside of our control. Our divinations and custom spells for success are designed to help you navigate these chaotic periods that may otherwise turn into, well, mayhem.

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Where we ponder magic, mayhem, and real life spells for success.

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