Tarot, Runes, Bones, oh my!

We make use of a wide variety of divination systems to draw out the most powerful insights and actionable guidance. Every system has its own energy and style, and even within one system, such as Tarot, different decks can carry different “voices” and energies.

Some systems are inherently detailed and nuanced, like bone or charm casting, and may be best for complex situations or elaborate forecasts. Others, like dice, or a single Oracle card pull, might be better for quick answers or succinct guidance.

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How do I pick?

With such a wide range of divination systems available at your fingertips, how would you ever pick? The first thing to consider is what sort of relationship you already have with various systems. For important questions, you might prefer a tried-and-true systems you’re already comfortable with. When you’re getting to know a new deck or set of runes, for example, you might start with lower-pressure questions.

At The Magic of Mayhem, we consider this relationship factor along with several other factors, including the depth of the question relative to the form of information the system can reveal, and also in-the-moment intuition. You can be sure that whatever system is selected for your divination, it will be highly well-suited and thoughtfully chosen. And if you do have a strong preference, you can always mention that in your order form and we will do our best to honor it!

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A Uniquely Magical Approach

At The Magic of Mayhem, our mission is clear: to empower successful, driven individuals like you to blast through obstacles and self-doubt, transforming your dreams into reality. Our approach is rooted in getting real results, offering practical insight, and sparing the fluff, but we embrace the quirky and unconventional with the use of magic.

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Let Eleanor and Mayhem be your guides on this extraordinary journey. Your big dreams are closer than you think, and with a touch of magic, they’re yours for the taking.

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