This question is really two separate questions. The first is: how long does it take for you to receive your report from divination or spellwork services? In this case, it will vary by service, but Pre-Spellwork Divination Services are generally completed within one week of booking, and most other Spellwork Services are completed within one moon cycle (to allow for optimal timing).

The second question here is: how long does it take for the magic to work? This is a much more nuanced question that cannot have a specific answer. It depends on the nature of your request, other factors influencing the outcome, and any implicit timelines associated with the request (e.g. an interview schedule or product launch). The short and somewhat mysterious answer is: the magic will begin working immediately, sometimes even before spellwork is completed, but as soon as you commit to booking the service (this has happened!).

That being said, results will vary and cannot ethically be guaranteed. Another common occurrence is that the result will manifest on the very same day you either give up on it or forget about it. So, your best course of action after booking is to keep taking the steps required to achieve your result through non-magical means, engage in any of the follow-up recommendations in your report, and stay open to the mystery of magic!