These are some terms you may have heard before if you’ve been exploring the mysterious or intuitive side of things to get results. While “manifesting” isn’t a term I tend to use, as I prefer “operative magic,” “results magic,” or simply “magic,” you may have encountered similar services under the name “manifesting” before. The reason I shy away from this kind of language and any discussion of the Law of Attraction is that it tends to be associated with watered-down or misguided approaches that simply don’t get results.

Everything I do is designed to get results and is the same skillset I use to drive change and bring about magical outcomes in my own life. I want to provide you with the best of the best, and some of the tips or services out there aren’t really designed to be any more effective than wishing and hoping. While no ethical practitioner can guarantee results, I know that your time and money are valuable, and I aim to provide the most effective, results-oriented magical services available.