My specific magical process draws on a variety of techniques that I’ve learned over the years. From your perspective, the process is streamlined and efficient to save you time (the most precious resource!) and effort. Simply choose the magical service most suited to your needs, complete the intake form, and I will do the rest.

After I collect the necessary information from you via the intake form, I will perform the spellwork on your behalf according to the best possible timing. This will take no more than one full moon cycle, and usually much sooner, especially if your situation has an implicit “deadline” like a performance review, job interview, or client presentation. After the spellwork and any necessary divinations have been performed on your behalf, I will produce a written report of the work done and any follow-up recommendations (magical and mundane). This will be sent to you via email.

For most services, you will have the option to book a short, 15-minute Zoom or phone conversation to clarify anything in the report that you don’t understand, or you can reply with questions via email (within reason). If you find that you have significant questions or desires that warrant an additional divination or spellwork service, you are free to book one at that time!