That all depends! I always recommend that if any service in particular is calling out to you, go with your gut. While it may not be a perfect fit for what you need, you will have ample opportunity to specify what you’re looking for in the intake form, and I am happy to make any adjustments or customizations as needed to tailor the work specifically to you.

If you truly don’t see any spells in the menu of services that jump out to you, but you have a specific desire you’re looking to make manifest, go with the Custom Spellwork Service and take the time to fill out the intake form carefully so that I can create a spell to get you exactly what you’re looking for.

If after reading through the various spellwork offerings, you’re still not sure if your situation or desire is something magic can help with, then I recommend booking a Pre-Spellwork Divination to get a detailed reading on what my recommendation would be for your specific case.

After we’ve worked together at least once, if I think your case is one that would benefit from more intensive, ongoing spellwork support, I might recommend the Bespoke Magical Package for you! This monthly service features ongoing, customized spellwork and is ideal for clients who want to develop a long-term professional relationship with ongoing magical support.