The Art of Amigurumi

What is amigurumi? Amigurumi is the Japanese art and craft of crocheting small toys, especially animals and other cute items. There are many amigurumi patterns available for free, and you can also purchase amigurumi patterns from talented designers to support their work.

Pictured here is a snail pattern I created using a pattern from Crafty Intentions. Amigurumi patterns exist for just about anything you can think of: snails, sheep, dinosaurs, rubber ducks, food items, flowers, manatees, and more!

crochet snail on crochet afghan success spell
Sheep amigurumi, spell for success

Inject a Little Magic

So what does amigurumi have to do with magic? Apart from the process of creation itself being a bit magical ;), these little critters can be consecrated, blessed, enlivened, or otherwise magically influenced for use in spells like home blessings, new baby blessings, or even poppet work. If the crocheter works with mantras or other forms of chanting, these can be intoned during the stitching process itself, with a number of repetitions equal to the number of stitches.

Virtually any kind of magic you wish to perform — luck magic, abundance magic, love magic, etc. — has the potential to be woven into an amigurumi project if desired. If you’re interested in magic-infused amigurumi creations, stay tuned for extra special offerings related to this in the future! Or ask about it specifically when booking custom spellwork.

Divination And Spellwork

A Uniquely Magical Approach

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